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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do you know what the average income is for a cleaning business?
Answer: It's really hard to pinpoint an average. A cleaning business can grow as large as you allow it to grow. There are multi-million dollar cleaning businesses, and there are businesses grossing $80K a year.
  We have personally known individuals who have been running a cleaning business by themselves for over 10 years who never seem to break the $90K mark.
  But then we have also known individuals who have started off cleaning by themselves and have grown to be multi-million dollar businesses within a couple of years.
  So what's the difference? Why do some businesses tick along at the same rate for years, while others seem to grow in leaps and bounds? Well a lot of it comes down to the business owner.
  There are many qualities that any successful business owner needs to have. Such as good leadership skills, flexibility, intelligence, business-savvy and the ability to make good use of technology.
Question: Should my cleaning business be a Corporation or an LLC?
  The type of business you should form depends on several things. How you file your taxes will be different depending upon what type of entity your business is, and also your responsibilities and liabilities will be different.
  These things also vary from state-to-state and sometimes even for your local government, so you should definitely consult with a local tax advisor to find out what type of company you should start.
  The most common type of company for startup cleaning businesses is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Once your business gets to a certain size, it may be more beneficial to be a Corporation as it reduces your liability.
  Sole Propriotorship or Partnership Limited Liability Company (LLC) Corporation
Basic Idea No legal distinction between the owner and the company. All profits and losses accrued by the business are the owner's responsibility. Offers limitied liability like corporations have. Taxes are still shown on the owner(s) income tax returns. Sometimes, the LLC can pay its taxes as if it were a corporation. A legal entity separate from the company owners.
Startup Costs Typically lower. Slightly higher. Higher. The procedures for starting a Corporation are a bit more involved and you should definitely consult both a tax advisor and a lawyer.
Taxes Self-employment tax. Personal income tax return or sometimes as a corporation. Corporation Tax Return 1120.
  For more detailed descriptions of the above entities, search on
Question: How do I actually start the cleaning business? What forms do I have to file to start the cleaning business?
  Well the forms you have to file depend upon what type of business you want to start and what state you're in. If you just Google "start a business in Florida", for example, you will probably find your way to the right place. These days most state web sites have the appropriate forms available for you to download online, which you can complete and mail in.
  The person who asked this particular question is in Florida. For Florida, you need to visit the web site for The Florida State Division of Corporations at
  The form you need to complete to form an LLC in Florida is: or to form a Corporation is:
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